Welcome to episode 3 of the Accidental Missionary Podcast, “Happy Canada Day!”.

YWAM International Ministry Communication Tools

Part of what I feel God has called me to do is to help other YWAM centres and ministries with their communications. This week I talk about using Media and Press Kits for ministries and how they help communicate what God is doing in and through different ministries.

YWAM Webinars

To help us communicate better as a mission we like to pursue the use of many different technologies, including webinar services and online media.

YWAM Teaching Reasources

Canada Clips

Molson Canadian – I Am Canadian Anthem Commercial

Edmonton Oilers Fans sing O Canada

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One Response to 003 TAM – Happy Canada Day, Ministry Media Kits, and YWAM Webinars

  1. JonDavisJr says:

    I still remember my Canadian friends trying to tell me that Canadians aren’t very patriotic.  Yah, right.  🙂
    Now I’m playing with AnyMeeting.com.  So many websites, so little time…

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