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The Accidental MissionaryAfter producing the YWAM Podcast for over 50 episodes and two years I abruptly stopped after our Christmas episode in December 2011. Unfortunately the reason I stopped the podcast was because I got burnt out …

A good definition of how I felt was written up by my friend Samuel John in an article about Burnout on his Missions Manual web-site:

How do you know if you’re getting burned out?  Everyday becomes hard and harder.  Off days, days you mean to relax, keep you frustrated and thinking about your ministry.  You see no point in the ministry any more   You feel unappreciated.  You constantly feel overwhelmed.  These are obvious signs of your workload being too heavy. It can feel like you’re trying to push a car uphill by yourself.

Seven signs that you might be burnt out (from Ministry Best Practice:

  1. Can you sustain your current pace of life?
  2. Are you better known online than in real life?
  3. Do you feel trapped by your circumstances with no apparent way out?
  4. Does it feel like there are more attacks from the enemy on your life?
  5. When around other people do you pretend to be happy, but wish you were alone?
  6. Are you actually enjoying life, or are you just trying to survive?
  7. Do you feel lonely, isolated and misunderstood?

Mad Church DiseaseSome resources for burnout in ministry:

Some projects for 2013

An Audience of Sheep for Todays Recording

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2 Responses to Burnout in Ministry and Missions, What Happened to the YWAM Podcast?

  1. […] So while we are busy fulfilling the mission that God has called us to in missions we must not forget the value and importance of the relationships with the people that God has brought into our lives. If you avoid or are removed from these YWAM relationships you can lead yourself down the road to burnout, which is what happened to me last year and I talk about in the latest episode of my podcast. […]

  2. […] my last podcast, “Burnout in Ministry and Missions, What Happened to the YWAM Podcast?“, I was asked some follow up questions about my personal experience with […]

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