One of the the fun things that we have started with Caleb this summer is a blog for him to tell his story. We figure that a blog is the perfect platform to help him share his thoughts and experiences, while also helping him learn how to communicate and write.

As I wrote about in my article Tell Me Your Story I think that it is important for us to tell our story, and that goes for our children as well.

Caleb’s pretty good at spinning a yarn (much to Tamara and my chagrinĀ sometimes) and it’s fun to see what he’s coming up with already on his site. He’s written one work of fiction so far, a number of journal type entries and I have also posted a video of him sharing at church.

One of my favourite posts that he’s written so far was about his Cecostomy Surgery. I think that it does a good job talking about some of the thoughts, feelings and fears that went through his mind during this time.

He’s really enjoyed writing the blog and especially loves getting comments on it. Unfortunately he’s starting to get a bit of a big head about all his comments and likes to rub in the fact that he usually gets more comments on his blog than I do.

I guess that humility is something we still need to work on … šŸ˜‰

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