I’ve been trying to add content and stuff onto Squidoo, which is a site that allows you to create a “lense” about specific topics. I have been creating a few lately about different things I have blogs about, or write about on other sites.

Here is a list of Squidoo Lense that I am currently working on:

  • Renovating in Australia
    This is a page that features some of my more popular posts on my Renovation Site.
  • Townsville Builder
    Our builder here in Townsville does not have a web-site. I set this page up to highlight him and some of what he has done on our house. Working with him on our house has been a real pleasurable experience so far.
  • Termite Control
    Termites are a huge problem here in Australia. This is a page with some of what I have learned about them since owning a house and property in Australia.

It is actually quite easy to set-up Squidoo lenses about pretty much anything. If you are interested in creating your own lense then head over to Squidoo and sign up.

I have a few more lenses in the works, but these are the ones I have been working on recently. One of the ones that I plan to work on soon is for myself, Bill Hutchison. Because Squidoo ranks well in the search engines I hope to be able to set up the lense for my own name to rank well in the search engines so people can find me easily on-line.

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