I had hoped that I would be posting photos of our trip to Canada right now, but unfortunately my seven-year laptop has finally kicked the bucket. It’s played dead on three other occasions in the last two years (one bad hard drive and two heating issues), but I was able to revive it those times. This time however the prognosis is final – my computer is dead …

At the moment I have resurrected a nine-year laptop from storage to use. The computer is running Ubuntu Linux, is held together with Duct-Tape, and the screen colour is off, but it’s working for now for very basic tasks. Come the end of the month when I need to produce the audio and video for our monthly YWAM Global Day of Prayer, this computer will not have the needed resources.

This week I have been looking around for a replacement computer that will last me hopefully as long as this one did. I priced out a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 for about $2800 ($2200 USD) with a four year warranty as a decent replacement. When I logged on tonight though I found that the new computer is on sale for $880 off until Thursday! This brings the price down to $1900 ($1500 USD) for the exact same computer. This is a huge savings, but with a very tight deadline for purchase.

Being in Youth With A Mission means that I am responsible for raising all of my own support and money for the tools necessary for this ministry. In the last two days I have been blessed with $400 ($300 USD) donated, so we are already only $1500 away from investing in a new computer. This computer will allow me to continue working in the ministry that God has called me to with  Youth With A Mission in the area of communication.

Would you please pray that the remaining $1500 will come in in the next 36-hours, and prayerfully consider if you are to donate and invest the purchase of this computer for our ministry.Thank you…

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