The Accidental MissionaryThis episode of the Accidental Missionary Podcast was recorded sitting at the bottom of the steps to the sports oval at the Youth With A Mission Southlands – Adelaide location. I was waiting for the staff to return from their breakfast club and kid’s club ministry that they are engaged in every Thursday morning in Port Adelaide. It my first day of “work” at the centre and turned out to be a great chance to find out more about what they do and talk with Lucas Cristofali, who heads up communications for all three YWAM Southlands locations.

In the podcast I mistakenly pointed people to the wrong web-site address for YWAM Adelaide, the proper address is Here are some photos of YWAM Adelaide and the  YWAM Adelaide sports oval:

Here are some prayer points for this week for us:

  • Success in our hunt for a house
  • Caleb and Jessica to settle well into school
  • Rest for me and Tamara as it’s been crazy busy

Resources and links mentioned in the Podcast:

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One Response to TAM 010 – Recording from YWAM Adelaide Oval, Househunting and a Kid’s School Report

  1. JonDavisJr says:

    I remember that awful internet access.  🙂
    I love the beautiful pictures.  Brings back memories.
    I remember the Eucalyptus smell that was so strong in the air, and sometimes you could hear the Koalas “grunting” in the distance.

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