When I first joined staff in Youth With A Mission I committed to six-months. Near the end of that six-months I had enough and didn’t really want to come back after staffing my first Discipleship Training School.

God however had other plans, which he revealed to me on the back of a bathroom door in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia …

Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No Frog

Amazing Grace Intro Music by Amanda Bryde

Original image by ToastyKen

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4 Responses to Why I Didn’t Quit YWAM After the First 6-Months

  1. AlisonJoyful says:

    Really encouraging, Bill. Seriously good to hear your story and the word that gave life to you in going forward in surrender.

  2. AlisonJoyful Thank you for your comment Alison, I’m glad to hear that you found it encouraging.

  3. donteattrash says:

    I really loved this Bill. I listened to it whilst walking around Riga and i found a lot of commonalities in our stories. Which was a big encouragement because i just moved to Lithuania to pioneer some stuff. So… looking back at the yes i have said was exciting.

  4. donteattrash Glad that you enjoyed it, and I would love to hear more about your own story!

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