YWAM has been described as a family, albeit a very diverse family. Using more accurate terminology though I would say that YWAM is a Tribe. One of the challenges within a tribe is identifying other members of your tribe…

To help us identify other members of The YWAM Tribe I’ve designed a few badges for YWAM Bloggers to put on their blogs and promote their place in the YWAM Tribe. This will help us to identify with other members of the tribe…

Here are a couple of YWAM Blogger badges for you to grab for your personal blog. Just copy the code that is embedded next to the image that you want to display on your blog and put it in your sidebar, footer, or where ever else you might want to put it.

Black on White, 150x150px logo (the one I use in my sidebar)

Black on White, 150x150px logo, rounded corners, transparent background

White on Blue, 140x140px logo

White on Red, 140x140px logo

Who can use the YWAM Blogger Badge

My intent is for the YWAM Blogger Badge to be used by individual bloggers who are current full-time staff in YWAM. If you do choose to place the YWAM Blogger Badge on your blog please also include a disclaimer in the footer of your site stating stating that your views do not necessarily represent those of Youth With A Mission since it’s not an “official” YWAM web-site.

If you are blogging using the Blogger or Blogspot platform I wrote are article explaining how you can add the badge to your sidebar.

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6 Responses to YWAM Bloggers

  1. We added it! 🙂

  2. Thanks Ang. Glad you liked it.

  3. […] set-up some Blog badges for YWAM Bloggers and someone asked me over Twitter how to add the badge to their Blogger […]

  4. Anne says:

    Done. Thanks.

  5. nate says:

    Did it. Thanks for the badge.

  6. Jon Slack says:

    I’m curious – would it be somehow possible to network said ywam bloggers, so its easy for then to find/connect with/follow one another? And, would that be appreciated by anyone?

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