I have been involved with YWAM programs since early 1998. My first involvement was a YWAM Niko, which was a 5-day outdoor wilderness program that I did during the May long weekend in Canada in 1998. In June 1998 I did a six month Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS) with YWAM – Reef to Outback in Townsville, Australia.

After my YWAM DTS I joined staff as a full-time volunteer (everyone in YWAM is a volunteer and no-one gets paid) at Reef to Outback and was involved in many areas of ministry there:

  • Staffing the YWAM DTS
  • Leading an Outreach Team to East Timor
  • Leading a GENESIS School
  • Heading up the Communications Ministry Area
  • YWAM Base Elder

In addition to my work with YWAM – Reef to Outback I have also had the privelage of working internationally with YWAM. Some of this work has included:

  • Doing and then staffing the GENESIS School in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Preparing for and running GENESIS for the 40 – year YWAM celebration in Aukland, New Zealand
  • Participating on a GENESIS team into Northern Africa and Kenya
  • Leading a team into Kenya in 2001 to set-up video conferencing services for a University of the Nations conference
  • Setting up an on-line community for YWAMers with an interest in Information Technology
  • Working on the International Chairman’s Team, under the guidance of Lynn Greene.

I am currently working with the YWAM Global Communications Team – Circle 18.

Below you can find some more information about YWAM …

Youth With A Mission

YWAM is an international, inter-denominational, non-profit Christian missionary organization. Founded by Loren Cunningham in 1960 to “know God and to make Him known”, YWAM now has over 1250 operating centres in over 160 countries.

There are currently over 16,000 full-time voluteer staff in YWAM around the world, sending out over 25,000 short term missionaries every year.

There are three main focuses in YWAM:

  • Evangelism
  • Training
  • Mercy Ministries

More about YWAM

Read more about YWAM International here.