As we are continually researching new technologies that we can use in the mission I have been experimenting with the new Google Hangout On Air and looking at how we can use it. I’m excited to announce that on Monday February 25 we will be hosting our first Google Hangout On Air with the YWAM community on Google+.

Terry ShermanThe topic for the Hangout will be Support Raising, which is always a valuable topic to address in Youth With A Mission. We will be blessed with having Terry Sherman from YWAM Heidebeek speak to us about the topic, and then take some questions from the viewers.

Since 2002 Terry has been working on developing training about personal support raising for missionaries. She has developed a week long Friendraising Training seminar that she has been able to deliver at various locations around the world. Her dream is to see much more of this training available around the world in YWAM, and we believe that using technology like Google Hangouts On Air will help to multiply it.

If you are interested in watching the training and possibly asking questions you will need a Google Plus account and then request an invite to the event. If you are already part of the YWAM Community on Google+ as of me creating the event then you should have received an invite to join us already.

I look forward to seeing you there, but if you can not make it we plan to make the video and an audio version of it available on the YWAM Conversations web-site and podcast.

You can now watch the video, listen to and download the audio, and access all the resources that Terry talked about on the YWAM Podcast Network site.

You can also watch the video below:

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4 Responses to Google Hangout On Air about Support Raising

  1. ianmatchett says:

    @FundraisingMama not going to make it on Monday, but hope it works well!

  2. acksios23 says:

    Hi guys, This is Acksios. I am working in YWAM Perth media. Here is my better half, Elli, Emmy and Inga, Elias.

  3. Sharon Teetzel says:

    finances are definitely holding me back but i know that God will release it in time if I am to go back on the mission field…

  4. Kerolos Nabil Francis says:

    Terry Sherman is really gifted to teach about this topic

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