Last month I shared how the YWAM Podcasts that I produce have been downloaded over 100,000 times (now at over 110,000). While the number of people who have listened to the podcasts excited me, what really excites me is how the podcasts impact and encourage others into missions.

This message was sent to me from a long time listener to the podcasts who has been motivated to joining missions full-time:

I just want to encourage you and to let you know you encourage me. I like the randomness of the program as well as updates and find out what is going on so I can take it to my church. It helps with mission ideas across they world and in the states. To be honest it is largely due to this podcast My wife and I are leaving My job and going to full-time mission work back with YWAM.

Hearing about people who have been motivated to go into missions, or to support missions, is always a huge encouragement …

Some of the main listeners to the podcasts are actually people who are already in Youth With A Mission and here is an example of some of the feedback I have received from them:

I am based at YWAM Sunshine Coast here in Australia and I just wanted to say thanks for producing these podcasts. I love hearing what is happening within YWAM globally as it can be so easy to get focused on our own little part of the world.

I particularly like the access you give us to hear from some of the global leaders past and present.

Being able to serve the 20,000 staff, and 200,000 yearly students and short term participants, in YWAM in this way is a huge blessing.

Finance Update

I hate sounding like “one of those” missionaries, but we are really struggling with our finances at the moment. Our currently level of monthly support is sitting around $2400 per month. This isn’t really very much, and even with some government supplemental benefits, we are barely meeting our monthly expenses at that amount.

We are feeling rather desperate to see our monthly support increase at the moment.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would join us in financially supporting and praying for the ministry that God has us involved in. It is only through that support that we can continue in full-time missions.

You can find out how to partner with us financially on the Donate page on our web-site.

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