The Accidental MissionaryOne of the things that I have previously written about on my web-site is the importance of us telling the story of what God is doing in our ministry and life. As full-time volunteer missionaries there is the additional need for us to maintain regular communication with our supporters and sponsors as they are invested in our ministry and lives. I believe that podcasting is a valuable way for us to do that

The best place to go if you are wanting to start a podcast is The School of Podcasting by David Jackson. There you will found many hours of useful advice through the articles and podcast episodes that David Jackson has produced.

Usually I would not recommend trying to use a free service for podcasting, but a way that you could get your feet wet, with no financial outlay, would be using a free service called AudioBoo. Their free service gives you three minutes of recording for free and you can make those recordings using many different ways, including:

While three minutes may not sound like a lot of time, if you are deliberate with that time you can communicate quite a lot.

Using another free service like Google Feedburner you can then set it up so that your podcast can be accessed through iTunes or even have your subscribers updated via e-mail when a new podcast is available.

Sample AudioBoo Recording from my iPod Touch

If you decide to get serious about podcasting then let me know and I would love to help get you set-up for podcasting with a WordPress installation with proper media hosting…

A few weeks ago I was a bit shocked by the following sign that I saw next to a travellator / autowalk. Listen to the podcast to find out why …

No Gophers on the Autowalk

Check out the new Google+ YWAM Community.

The last podcasts that Justin Long listened to are:

Tomorrow, December 14, we get our new house! We hope to be moved in by Christmas as long as things go smoothly with the delivery of our shipment and appliances…

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4 Responses to Why Every Missionary Should Podcast – TAM 12

  1. JonDavisJr says:

    I use Blubrry Power Press on a Self Hosted WordPress Blog:  (
    It can be used “free” or you can pay for extra stuff.  Of course, it assumes that you have your own WordPress site (self-hosted).
    Ok.  I just looked at what is playing your podcast that I am listening to right now and I see that you are using power press as well.  🙂
    Unfortunately my podcast is way out of date.  I ought to update it.
    What do you think of the whole “public record” thing that you are basically creating if you do a podcast?

  2. learntopodcast says:

    Bill. I love her voice, but I vote 30 seconds

  3. learntopodcast Yeah, I was thinking a full minute was a bit long even though I too enjoy it.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. JonDavisJr I have no problem with the public record. That is one of the reasons I do the podcast and blog. If I don’t want something to be public record I won’t put it online, including so called “private” networks …
    PowerPress is a great free plugin. I host my media on Libsyn, recommended by learntopodcast, and then have the self hosted WordPress installation.

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