The Youth With A Mission International Chairman’s Team exists to facilitating the role of Lynn Green, who was commissioned as International Chairman in August 2004. Lynn’s focus in this role has been on calling the mission back to its foundational values, leadership development, and improving YWAM’s “central nervous system”.

Improving the “central nervous system” of YWAM  involves working on the internal as well as the external communication in Youth With A Mission. This includes:

  • Improving the communication between YWAM locations
  • Telling the YWAM stories, what God is doing in the mission – with accuracy, integrity and heart
  • Clearly communicating what God is speaking to the mission
  • Staying on the cutting edge of technology and evaluating technology based on a biblical filter
  • Grabbing peoples attention about what God is doing – without sacrificing truth, integrity and uprightness

You can hear a lot about what Lynn Green’s heart is for his role as the International Chairman in the video below:

Read more about the YWAM ICT here.

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