Youth With A Mission – Discipleship Training School

The YWAM DTS is the introductory course to Youth With a Mission. It introduces people to what Youth With A Mission is and is also a required course for many second level schools in YWAM.

The Discipleship Training School is typically a 22 – 24 week course. Half the course is spent in the classroom learning about God, Missions and Christianity. The other half of the course is spent applying what was learned in the classroom on an outreach or field assignment.

During a YWAM DTS students can expect to learn:

  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • The Father Heart of God
  • God’s plan for Relationships
  • How to Evangelise
  • God’s plan for the world and missions

For the practical part of the school students can expect to participate in many different activities. During my experiences on outreach both as staff and student I was involved in:

  • Repairing and Rebuilding homes
  • Teaching English
  • Door to Door Evangelism
  • Street Theatre and Evangelism
  • Sharing in Schools and Churches
  • Drama and Dance (I even taught dance, as scary as that is)
  • Volunteering in Orphanages and Pre-Schools

A Discipleship Training School with YWAM was an amazing experience for me to figure out what God had for my life. When I left Canada for Australia to do my DTS I thought I was only going to be gone for 6-months, then get on with my life. I had no idea that God had a lot more planned for me then I could ever imagine…

You can check out a video about the YWAM DTS below: